Over the last 30 years interest rates have continued to fall and in the last decade, cash (deposits) have been the worst performing asset.  With such poor bank deposit rates, people are looking for alternative options to make their hard earned money work for them.  Inflation is the biggest threat and the silent enemy which will continue to reduce the value of your money in real terms.

With you, we will consider a number of factors when determining an investment strategy. This will include your experience, your age, your attitude to risk and existing holdings. Do you have a time frame in mind, are you looking for guarantees, an income or both? Amongst other things and armed with this information, we can ensure investments are suitable for your financial needs and objectives.

Lump Sum Investments

The key to crafting any successful investment strategy is diversification. This can help reduce the risks associated with investing in one company, property or asset class. Put simply, diversification means holding a wide range of investments in order to limit your dependence on a single strategy or asset class.

We have a wide and varied range of options for you to choose from. Nothing too small, nothing too big. Capital guaranteed options are always available, if you are not willing to accept risk but still want to see your money grow.
As markets and outlook change, you can also have the choice to change the structure and adjust your funds to protect against falling values OR to maximise returns as things improve.

Money growning in the ground

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