Income Protection Insurance

For most of us, our income is our most important asset. It pays for everything we have and usually dictates our standard of living.  Take a moment to consider the following:

  • If you are self employed, what are the financial consequences if you were unable to work for a period and you loose your income?
  • If you are an employee, how long do you think your employer will continue to pay your salary if you are out of work?
  • Again if you are self employed or a company director, are you aware that you are not entitled to State benefits if you were unable to earn a living as a result of illness or accident?

Income protection insurance is designed to replace your salary in the event of you being unable to work. As well as protecting up to 75% of your salary, you can reduce the cost by claiming tax relief on premium payments.

The following is a short video by Aviva summarising Income Protection – CLICK HERE

Remember – your income pays for everything and it is your most important asset.
Don’t take it for granted!

Different types of income protection

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