Partnership, Co Director & Shareholder Insurance

Partner and Co-Director Insurance

Often overlooked, partner protection insurance is an important insurance cover for people in business together. If you are in a partnership or a co-owner of a business, there are far reaching implications if there is an early death or long term disability for you or your partner, where there is no insurance.

Where there is an early death, that person’s shares will form part of their Estate.  This cover will ensure the the remaining shareholder(s) have the capital to buy back these shares and ensure the Family and Estate is properly compensated.  A correctly structured life insurance policy will provide:

  • Funds for the remaining partners to purchase the shares. This will avoid the need to resort to borrowing or having to use existing resources to raise money to purchase the asset;
  • Funds are immediately available for the family in lieu of these shares, which could otherwise prove difficult to sell and will help remove the financial burden caused by a premature death or disability;
  • It will allow for the continuity of the business with the remaining partners, where a shareholding might otherwise have to be sold to a 3rd party.

As part of the service we also arrange the correct Trust Deeds and Put and Call Options for inclusion on your existing shareholder agreement.

Keyman Insurance

This is designed to protect the financial well being of a business, in the event of a serious illness or premature death of a key member of staff, who are central to the prosperity of the business or company.  The insurance can’t replace the person but it can provide money to buy time and cover the costs of temporary staff, recruitment, training and loss of profits.

Group Death In Service & Income Protection

Competitive rates are available for key employees, management or staff as a whole. Group schemes are regularly used as a perk of employment and a valuable benefit to the business owner, your staff and their families.  Whether a new quotation, a general enquiry or if you would like an existing scheme re-priced to ensure best rates, we would be delighted to hear from you.


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